UPDATE: Applications are now closed. See you next time!

Hello Cubash,

We are looking for community moderators to moderate uploaded assets, our discord server and the forum community.


  1. You must have a positive history with our community
  2. No moderation history against your account. This means you have never been moderated in the past
  3. Be at least 16 years of age or older, you must be able to prove this as well through a voice call or through other means
  4. Have a Discord account, this is our primary way of communication
  5. Have 2FA (Two Step Verification) enabled on your account, this is important. You can not be a staff member without having this feature enabled
  6. Know how to communicate with large communities, previous experience is a nice-to-have


  1. An administrator badge on your Cubash profile
  2. 100 years of premium lasting as long as you are a staff member
  3. Free staff items
  4. Ability to help us moderate the community and clean up the website

Do you wish to work with us? Write your application now through email to [email protected] now! Your application must be formatted as such:

1. Cubash username: <your username>
2. Discord Tag: <discord tag>
3. Tell us a bit about yourself: <your story>
4. Why do you want to work with us: <your explaination>
5. What do you want to do: <moderate assets, moderate the forums or moderate the discord server>
6. Why do you think you are fit for the position: <your explaination>
7. Agreement to not abuse your powers and an agreement to not leak any information you may learn while being a Cubash staff member
The format your application must use. Feel free to add additional points, but the points here are required

Your e-mail must be titled exactly: [Moderation Application: <role>] and you must send the e-mail with the address linked with your Cubash account. If your e-mail does not meet the aforementioned two requirements, your e-mail will be ignored.

We are looking forward to your submissions! The time to apply for a position will last a week (until the 31st of August, 2020).

~ Icseon