Hello! Welcome to our first development log blog post. We have some exciting news to share with you today. Without anymore introduction, let's jump straight into it!

Game Client & Level Editor

This month, me and errcode404 have been working on the game client which has gotten the ability to load user made levels dynamically!

The client showing the first level Cubash level ever!
Lots of cubes!

This is a giant step in the right direction and allows us to begin development on something more significant: The level editor! That's right, we are working on the part of the game that allows you to create and save your own levels on Cubash.

Your first look at the first version of our level editor

There is not much to show yet, but that will change! Currently, you can see that the editor will have the ability to instantly toggle between player and edit mode.

The goal of the editor is to have the ability to easily test whatever you have created, without any delays anywhere. In the future, it would be nice to have online mode for the editor, meaning you can work on the same level with friends, don't take this as a promise however!

The new website

The new website has received multiple behind-the-scenes optimizations and some changes more obvious to the user. More notably, the new forums are nearing completion!

The new forums

The new forum will enable users to instantly jump to posts, much faster than ever before. Currently, I'm working on getting the remaining functionality to work properly, such as viewing posts and replying to them. Additionally, searching and bbcode will need to be re-implemented.

What's next?

Our aim this month is to continue work on said functions, to improve and build upon what we already have. Expect the forums to be finished the next time we post a development log and expect the level editor to have more functionality.

Thank you for reading this post! We are excited to post more updates as they are made available.

~Icseon, Founder Cubash.com